SAP HANA Cloud Platform

The in-memory Platform-as-a-Service solution from SAP enables customers and developers to build and run the next generation of applications in the cloud.

Flexible Options for Apps, Database, and Infrastructure

Get started with the services and subscription model that meets your business needs.
Infrastructure Services

Quickly deploy and manage your pre-licensed SAP HANA instances without hardware investments and setup time.

  • Use the SAP HANA license you have

  • Pay only for what you need

  • No capital outlay required

  • Fast system access

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DB Services

The easiest, lowest cost way to get up and running with a fully supported SAP HANA system in the cloud.

  • Create real-time analytic applications

  • Pay only for what you need

  • No capital outlay required

  • Fast access to certified hardware

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App Services

With comprehensive services for mobility, collaboration, security, and more, it’s the ideal platform to build innovative applications.

  • Extend your current applications

  • Build next-generation applications

  • Increase developer productivity

  • Market and sell to the SAP install base

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform Starter Edition

The best way to get started with SAP HANA. With minimal investment you can start development and evaluation with SAP's in-memory Platform-as-a-Service.

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Success Stories

Hear how eBay leverages Predictive Analytics on SAP HANA to power their Early Signal Detection System for their marketplace to gain insights into their virtual economy, identify opportunities and take corrective action.

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